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Custom Excel Programming for analytical science applications


I specialize in creating Excel macros and worksheets to automate processes, specifically applied to HPLC, LCMS, siRNA and other drug-discovery applications. I work on non-science-related projects as well.


Automate repetitive tasks

    Create custom lists for data input and output

    Perform calculations such as calibrations and results analysis

    Reduce data to summarize results or remove unwanted output from software


Excel: Simple, Yet Powerful

    Days to solutions, not weeks

    flexible for changing needs

    Upgraded easily: start with minimal needs and add functionality



    Creation of input files for HPLC and LCMS

    Post-processing of LCMS data for combichem libraries

    Batch calculation of siRNA thermodynamics   

    Search gene sequences for siRNA targets


Other Previous Macro Applications

    Gene sequence and siRNA target manipulations

    Input files for Perkin-Elmer Sciex MS-directed HPLC purification of drug candidates

    Conversion of output from PE-Sciex to input for MicroMass MUX analytical LC/MS

    Automatic Quantitation of ELSD results from MicroMass analytical LC/MS

    Input files for Thermo-Finnigan LCQ LC/MS and Agilent Chemstation HPLC

    Optimizing worksheets for database input and general usefulness


Why use This service?


    I understand the science behind the applications (see Bio).

    You can allow your personnel to spend more time at their specialties.

    All code is well documented and easy to follow.

    Macro code will be yours to modify as needed in the future.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does a typical job take?

A.  Simpler jobs like creating a long LCMS input list might take 3 hours or less. Longer jobs that require complex manipulations and calculations might take 8 hours or more.


Q. What if I am on a limited budget?

A.  I will tell you up front whether I can deliver a product that will meet your needs and your budget. My goal is to give you a product that you are happy with at a reasonable cost.


Q. How can I try out the service?

A.  I suggest a small initial project. Many projects start with a basic useable function that can be completed rather quickly and serves an important purpose. Further features such as broader applicability and ease of use are then added as desired. 



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